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Turns every space into a botanical experience.

Potted is a range of furnishings based on plant pots. It is intended to relay our deep connection to the natural environment indoors. By instituting the plant as an integral part of our indoor life, the bench con­ struction challenges the false dichotomy between us and the environment and brings our dependencies into consciousness.


Plant centered, allowing free arrangement at any time, without harming the plant.


Endless shapes can be formed, offering conversational and private settings in a very relaxed atmosphere.


Potted is 100% manufactured in Germany with high social standards. It can be fully recycled.


Any tone is possible! Combined with the right set of plants, your bench is a real eyecatcher.

A bench that fits every occasion.

Ideal for places where people meet, while always allowing private space between the users, depending on the plants in use. Larger plants and bidirectional or amorphous arrangements can be used to establish separate situations, smaller plants in a circular composition make for a conversational setting. Adapters, such as tables and chargers can replace plants to accommodate your working equipment or drinks.

Color it up.

We have five pre-set colors. Get in contact with us for your personal color!

Dusky Pink
Natural Wood

A simple way to build your living space.

The bench consists of modules that cover 1/6 of a circle each. The ends are pushed together and lock securely on to the plant pot. This allows for a versatile application and free arrangement of plants.

Instituting plants as an integral part of our indoor life.

We‘ll help you to find the perfect plants for your location. Whether it‘s sunny halls or offices - there is always a way to make it green!

Designed for public and private spaces.

We provide you with all necessary information, such as 3D data and a configurator to plan your hallway, office or meeting area.

If you want Potted furniture for your home, get in contact with us.